Sunday, October 11, 2015

Randy Quaid Is NOT A Joke

 Randy Quaid is an amazing comedic actor and a funny man but I have been reading about what is happening with the actor Randy Quaid and I am disturbed at how people seem to find it a joke.

  I understand some of his behavior is "funny" and I can see how it would be easy to poke fun at how he is acting as well as his wife. Things they are saying and doing could be a funny SNL skit or a plot for a comedy. They themselves are posting things that are easy to watch and laugh at.

  I even can make fun of myself at times. I do things that I laugh at and make fun of at times. I have to or I think that I would find myself at an even darker place. I think making jokes and laughing has it place but this is not the right incident.

  What is sad about this is that Randy does not realize that he needs help. He does not see his behavior as a problem or out of control. He is on a dangerous spiral. He truly believes the things he says and he is acting out because of this.

  When someone is having episodes like this it can lead to something dangerous and life threatening even and this is why people need to try and help him. He does not need to be placed in a jail and he does not need to be used as entertainment. He needs help, serious medical help. I am not a doctor and will not attempt to diagnose him but as someone with mental health issues I can easily recoginse there is some issues. I also can see that his wife is also suffering from something and they are feeding off one another.

 Their behavior has been going on for years and is only getting worse. I hope that their family and friends reach out right now and help them get any all help they need. This is the time for people to reach out and give a hand.

  Hopefully this incident will bring more awareness to mental health and begin to address the major flaws in mental health care. For two many years it has slipped through the cracks and people have not seen that it needs as much attention as does physical health.

  If you do not know all I am talking about please Google his  name and read all the articles about his legal troubles and also posts he has put on twitter and other social sites.

Here is a link to the news story about his recent arrest and entry back to the United States
Randy Quaid Arrested In Vermont

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