Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lamar Is More Then Khole's Ex

When I got on Twitter this morning the first tweet I saw was about NBA Lamar Odom being in the hospital in a coma and with organ failure. I went on to read different articles and of course tweets of what is going on.

  It is being reported he was found unconscious at a legal brothel in neveda after days of being on Viagra or an herbal Viagra and alcohol.

  First I have to admit that I am don't follow basketball. I usually tune into the Bulls playing if I am around my dad and or brother Brian, other then that not so much.  So yes the first time I heard about Lamar was when he married Khloe Kardashian. It is also when I begin to read about who he was and where he came from.

  Even though the Kardashian's are why I learned of who Lamar was I don't feel that it is right that people see and talk about him as the Ex husband of Khloe/reality star. He is so much more then that and in fact was WAY before he ever met Khloe.

  Lamar lost his mother to cancer at the age of 12, had a father who was a heroin addict and because of such was raised by his grandmother.  He was named USA's Today all USA 1st team as a senior he then when on to play basketball in college at University of Rhode Island.

 Professional he has played  for the Clippers, Heat, Lakers, Mavericks, the Spanish team Laboral Kutxa and the Knicks. He played in the Olympics and was awarded the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award. He was the first Laker ever to do so.

 In his personal life he had 3 children with his Ex girlfriend Liza Morales. He had one daughter and two sons. Sadly his youngest son Jayden died as an infant to SIDS. Eventually he married Khole after only a month of dating and was on the shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well as Khloe & Lamar. Eventually they separated and divorced.

  Since the separation he suffered another major loss when his best friend passed away. As well as difficulty with dealing with how his basketball career has gone. Stemming from all of this he has struggled with drug addiction.

  As someone who has suffered great loss in my life and deal with depression and anxiety I can say that I feel he too has some of those same issues. People do not understand how loss in general but especially that of a child changes you so much. Many turn to outlets such as drugs and sex etc. to escape and cope with the emotions they are dealing with.

  I keep seeing some people joke about what is going on with Lamar. I have seen people be all about the Kardashians and where they are etc. Rumors are flying that they are even filming themselves for the show at the hospital. I have not seen much said about his surviving children or rest of his family. All of this makes me upset. The Kardashians are not what matter and making fun of or putting down someone who is on the verge of death is not cool.

  Who matters is Lamar and him getting better. His children are who people should be sharing their thoughts with. These are the people that matter and kindness should be shown to all of them right now.

  This is one more example of how people can be cruel and to into Pop culture. It is a prime example of people not understanding about mental illniss or addictions. I am once again appalled at how those issues are not being talked about more.

  I can only hope that people realize that people with these issues need your understanding and love. That more needs to be done in society with educating others as well as providing support for those who need it.

 Move on from the "In" thing at the moment and concentrate on those things that really matter and will always be an issue.

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