Thursday, October 8, 2015

Attempt To Explain......

What is it like living with anxiety and depression you ask?

It is........
Timeless Tears
Heavy Heart
Racing Rationalization
Somber Soul
Dangerous Demons
Simulated Smiles
Lost Life
Dark Days
Neverending Nights
Frantic  Fear

You live like this waiting for the times that you feel "normal" and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It does not take anything to upset you or cause you to go into panic mode. Life can be going well and yet you still have this feeling of pending doom and as if the world has lost all its color.

Through in things that would cause anyone to be sad or stressed etc and it turns into such a dark and scary place you can't explain it. You either are living with peaks and valleys or in vicious circle that you can't escape.

Know that those who suffer with these things would do anything to make it not so. Know that what we are dealing with is very real. We want to hide it from the world so in turn hide ourselves. If you can't fully understand be thankful because that means you don't suffer like those of us that do understand far too well.

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