Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guilty Pleasure Reality TV And Brooks LIE

 I am someone who will admit that I have the guilt pleasure of watching many "reality TV" shows. I know that the reality part of it is not really true. I know that a lot of it is scripted and they edit so much of it. I also know that there does ring truths in it because it is following peoples lives.

  I have been recently into the whole Brooks Ayers cancer lie. No matter if he does have cancer (which I really don't believe) there were lies said. He has admitted to some as well as his Ex Vicki. The part that makes me sick is that there was any lying at all when it comes to someone having cancer. So many people out there are dealing with cancer or someone they love having it. So many people have lost people to cancer. To lie about something like that is despicable.

  I have never liked Vicki on the show. Her personality would just not be someone I would hang with. I don't know her personally maybe she is different off camera but the woman I see on the show just rubs me the wrong way. Her lying has made me like her even less. I will say this though if she would be honest now that she got caught and admit her part I would be able to begin to respect her more. Not completely because how can you respect a person who is so about her show and being famous that she lies about cancer but I could begin to respect her as being a human who makes mistakes. We all do. We all have lied at some point and we will through out our lives. It is called being a human being. I will never have respect for someone who can not admit when they are wrong or their mistakes.

  It is sad that she ruined friendships as well as treat her own daughter so poorly over a man and a TV show. I can only hope that she really did love this man so much that in ways she was blinded by that love and wanting to please him that she went this far. I at least can understand loving someone almost too much that you make horrible choices. Who knows though maybe her love for him was just for the show.

  I know I will continue to watch reality TV including Vicki but I can say that I don't watch it like I did before not wanting to miss every episode etc. Now it is more when nothing else is on and reading a lot of recaps online. It is still interesting to me but to see how far people will go for fame and TV makes me not like them as much.

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