Friday, November 20, 2015

Will Sam Listen???

 For anyone that does not follow the catfish story of Meri Brown from Sister Wives this blog entry will not really matter to you lol! For those who are also upset that "Sam" is still trying to prove they are not Jackie Overton then this may interest you!

  I am really wanting this Jackie Overton to be stopped with how they keep going out and searching for people to victimize. I have recently learned that not only have the catfish many woman as well as men, she has stolen money and even hurt a child during these times. That angers me. It means she is doing so many crimes and not having to answer for them.

  I also was talking to someone on twitter and we both were saying that though maybe at this point we are not feeling bad per say for Jackie we know she needs help. This is a sick person. She could eventually hurt others more severely and even her self. If anyone actually knows her in real life they need to reach out to her and try to get her to seek help. Law enforcement needs to stop her from doing anymore crimes and maybe a Judge could force her to find help. I want this so no one else is victimized by her.

  Recently I commented on "Sams" blog and am waiting to see if they will actually accepted it and respond. They usually on respond to ones that say they believe them. I was respectful and never said anything hurtful. I stated my opinion as well as point out how what they are saying so far is not proving anything. I then suggested how they could end all this in a swoop. I doubt it will be put up so I am posting it here and will share this blog on twitter so others other who are still up in the air about this "Sam" person will be able to have more info to make a decision. I am doing this because hopefully Jackie does not find a new victim from these people with big hearts reaching out in kindness. She will use that to her advantage and I don't want anyone else hurt.

   Here is what I wrote.........

   In reality what you are showing here shows nothing. Intimate does not have to mean physical.You can be intimate on the phone through sexting, phone sex and even with videos or watching someone do things live. The picture could of been one she took and sent to you it is not an angle that would make that seem not possible. Texts between Lindsay and Meri you just typed so could make them up.
  Now a days even a kid can alter texts or make up fake ones online. You can even Text yourself with a dif name  to screen shot a convo in order to fake texts. Voice mails can be altered.
  So yes all these could be real but there is one big thing missing in all these YOU. You are not in the pictures, you are not in any videos with her and you are not in the recordings.

  Yes you would have intimate photos and voice mails of her pleading etc. You will have texts. No one has ever doubted you had a relationship with Meri. What is doubted is you are Sam.

  You first claimed you would not share anything and would take the brunt of everything because you love her so much. You had no need for anyone to believe you because Meri knew the truth and that was all that matter. You stated you would never want to hurt her. At that time I did not just jump to you not being who you said you were because that rang more truth. That you loved this woman and had no reason to prove crap because it was never about anything but your love for her. Since then you have done a 180.

  You are not only constantly trying to prove who you are to the point you are willing to write a book that will make you money (something else you claimed you did not want.) You are also sharing very intimate details that will only HURT the woman you keep saying you love. I true man who loves a soul mate would NEVER hurt that woman. They would take a bullet for that person. They would rather the world hate them etc then ever have their soul mate be embarrassed, hurt and attacked.

  The more you do opposite you started saying you were about in the first part the more  you make yourself look Fake. You are def not accomplishing what you are trying to do. I now have no doubt you are not who you say you are.

   The only way anybody will really believe you is if you actually get in front of a camera and talk about who you are. If not to a reporter then put one on here. Sit in front of a camera and speak your story. Don't edit it. Do it in one shot and in fact if you want to take it one more step have a Newspaper with the date on it. Also post all these pics etc you keep claiming to have of you WITH Meri. Sounds far fetched maybe and out of control but that is exactly where this whole story is at. You do that and this comes to an end. Maybe a few will still say otherwise but most will not be able to argue that.

   I will even publicly apologize for everything I have ever said and go on camera  myself to do so. (I NEVER go on cam. I have my own issues but would for this.) I doubt I will have to apologize and I even doubt you will post this or respond at all. It will just be one more thing in my eyes that I was wrong to ever think that maybe you were who you said you were. That you will never tell the truth.

   I am going to copy  this and share on my blog as well as link on twitter in order to show others how I reached out to you and in a respectful way. That way if you don't share this I can at least say I tried and also let others make a decision on if you are a man telling the truth would not respond to this. Thank you for reading all of this.


  1. Be careful though! I commented on the blog got banned and it immediately showed me my I.p. address and crap. All because I used the word fishing! Ha-ha! Still, it could be bs, but why trust a psycho?!

    1. lol I have commented a few times. One they approved and it was all about my experience being catfished. I also told them I did not believe them. "Sam" banned me on twitter but so far not on his blog. Just will not approve any of my comments or answer me lol.

  2. Your heart is in the right place to stop anyone else from being hurt, and to encourage Jackie to get the help she needs. However, as long as one person wonders if Sam is real she will continue. She is banking on the doubt and confusion in the situation, and thinks if she just keeps insisting Sam is real that someone will believe her- and she's basically right. There are a handful of people that haven't figured out the truth. In all honesty, I was even wondering at first, if maybe somehow there was a Sam- in the face of glaring evidence proving otherwise. It really illustrates why people do fall prey to catfishing. Jackie is thriving on all the attention- for her even negative attention is better than none. I believe the best way to thwart her fantasy is to shut down all the anti- Jackie Twitter accounts, stop publicly addressing the issue. She is doing it for attention, and if she stops getting it, she may stop doing it. Obviously, no amount of calling her out is discouraging her. I believe the Brown's and TLC haven't made any attempts legally to stop Jackie because this entire thing has been a huge boon to ratings. They should be pressured to take legal action against Jackie, or people will boycott their shows.

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