Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rambling Mind Of A Woman With Anxiety and Depression. (Makes me feel crazy!)

This is going to be me rambling. I want a way to show how my brain works. Sorry if it makes no sense.
Just saw a video advertising a youtube channel called the scene. I am always impressed when people use their creativity to entertain others as well as find a way to spend time as a family. I think children with creative parents are very blessed. My mom is creative and she could come up with some interesting things for us to do. As well as presents she made for us etc. I am jealous of those who have a natural talent to look at things around them and use their imagination to create something. I wish I was far better at it.

Watching Ballykissangel on youtube (listening more then watching) It makes me keep hoping there is a day I will be able to go across the pond and visit all of the UK.

Fear and depression sucks. I hate that I am fearful of even speaking to people because I have not for so long.... I have been hiding in my despair. It is a vicious cycle. I hate that is who I have become. It feels as if it will never end.
Life is so unfair at times and when I read stories such as Ethan Saylors it makes me so angry. I think there is two things that can be learned by this. First that every individually deserves to have justice no matter what the circumstance. 2nd People who are part of public safety should have adequate training to handle situations dealing with people with special needs. I don't think these police officers meant to kill the young man but if they had listened to his helper and also had better training he would not of had to die. As a parent of a daughter who had special needs and a sister of a man with down syndrome I know that it is the goal to help them be able to be the most productive independent citizens that they are capable of being. So more people need awarness on how to handle certain situations so they can be safe in the world.

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